Asphalt paving in Montana and Wyoming provides is the ideal durable surface for drives, parking lots, athletic surfaces, playgrounds roadways and more. In fact, it is the most used product for roadways in the world. It can be half the price of concrete and is much faster to install. Our services include:

New construction asphalt paving

Z& Z Asphalt has completed projects throughout the region of many sizes. Whether it is a roadway, parking lot or entire subdivision, you can count on our professional work. We work with you to ensure proper drainage is maintained and ensure the best surface possible to endure any traffic volume.

Asphalt patch and pothole repairs

Patching is the process of removing and replacing severely damaged or sunken areas that can be unsafe and will continue to deteriorate. A professional patch slows the deterioration, improves drainage and provides a smoother driving surface.

Crack sealing

Crack sealing fills cracks with a rubberized material that is highly water resistant. This keeps water from penetrating the base material under asphalt that weakens bonding over time. It also allows movement which assists with the materials shifting and causing further damage.


Striping for traffic safety on roadways and parking lots lasts longer when applied by professionals. Parking lot stripes can make more efficient use of limited areas and help with traffic flow. Lot stripes should be re-applied every 1-2 years depending on traffic volume. Ask us about our striping maintenance plans!


Sealcoating is one of our specialties. Application to pavement extends the service life and provides and overall better surface. It protects the surface from harmful UV rays, our harsh and unpredictable weather, grease and oil, and other harmful agents such as salts. Surfaces that are sealcoated have increased the flexibility, resist oil spills and easier to repair.

Not to mention- it looks great! Sealcoating can bring back the smoother dark black color of the original pavement, making it look and wear like new. A smoother sealcoated surface is easier to sweep, shovel and wash. Typically, a maintenance plan of re-application is recommended every 3-5 years depending on traffic volume.